Wedding Gowns

Bridal Gown & Memorabilia Preservation 
Let us preserve your memories.

Our bridal preservation program begins with expert cleaning and restoration by highly experienced textile technicians who are trained in fabric identification, garment construction, and individualized care of each dress.

By law, your gown must have accurate care instructions addressing all parts of the dress, including any decorative trim, beading or sequins. We will do our best to adhere to those instructions, and will test the garment before we preserve it, to make sure it will tolerate the prescribed cleaning instructions.

Your gown is then surrounded with acid-free tissue, shaped with a bust form and preserved in an acid-free inner box. Our museum style quality storage box is hermetically sealed and shrink-wrapped with airtight plastic that allows easy viewing of your gown. Oxygen is then purged and the preservation box is infused with nitrogen to create an enhanced protective environment, making oxidation (or “yellowing”) virtually impossible.

We can add a photo, invitation or any other memento you would like to save to the box.

You can be confident that with our cleaning and preservation method your dress will be in excellent condition for your daughter or even granddaughter to wear.

Memory Box Preservation
For any other items you wish to preserve…flower girl dresses, heirloom or antique dresses, costumes and military uniforms…we can preserve them using the same processes as described above!