Welcome to the Mt. Hood Cleaners and Laundry Resource Page. Here, you will find helpful information here on a variety of garment care topics.
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From Mt. Hood Cleaners and LaundryUpdate Your Account
A secure form to let us know about changes in your personal information.Fair Claims Guide (pdf) 
A guide to determining the value of any damaged garment.

What is Dry Cleaning? (pdf)
A brief history and description of the dry cleaning process.

Care Symbols Guide (pdf)
What do all those symbols mean on your garments?
This page will tell you.

The Benefits of Professional Dry Cleaning (pdf)
From A to Z, there are at least 26 of them – see for yourself.

Consumer Guides from IFI
Feature articles for the International Fabric Institute on a number of topics.Clothing Stains (pdf)
How to avoid staining disasters and how to help your dry cleaner serve you better.

Casual Dress (pdf)
From business casual to everyday casuals.

Fact vs. Fiction (pdf)
The truth about dry cleaning.

Color Loss (pdf)
Why some fabrics lose their color and some don’t.

Clothes Cleaning & Care (pdf)
The fundamentals of clothing care.

Who’s Responsible (pdf)
What can you do when a garment gets damaged?

All About Shirts (pdf)
Helpful info for keeping your shirts looking great.