Leather and Suede

We Clean Leather & Suede Clothing 

Do you have a Letterman’s jacket, leather pants, or a suede skirt that you hesitate to drop off for cleaning? We can help!

Leather cleaning is a specialized process that is designed to preserve the look and feel of the leather garment.

Our objective during cleaning is to remove stains and soil as well as to replenish the vital oils and colors in the leather. Garments almost always come out looking and feeling great, but due to different types of materials, dyes and manufacturing processes, no guarantees can be given.

The garment is cleaned in baths of detergents and natural tanning oils specially created for the garment type (cow, pig, lamb, etc) in order to maintain the delicate balance of oil in the animal hides.

Color is lost during normal wear through oxidation from exposure to light. Non-fast colors that are released by the garment in normal cleaning processes are carefully replaced by color matching experts. In some cases, the original color can be difficult to recreate.

Garments are pressed and rips, tears, loose buttons and open seams are repaired. Throughout the entire process the garment is inspected to ensure the highest quality is achieved. We guarantee the garment’s look, feel, and color will be as close to original as possible.