We Care

Environmental responsibility has long been a top priority at Mt. Hood Cleaners and Laundry; we pride ourselves with providing a safe environment for our customers, employees, and the community. Our commitment to environmentally friendly practices help to ensure a green future for this beautiful place we call home.

Organic Cleaning and Laundry Services 
At Mt. Hood Cleaners we use organic cleaning agents and we follow clothing manufacturer recommendations in selecting the best cleaning process. We wet clean more than 65% of all garments and use the attached Care Symbols Guide to guarantee proper handling.

Our dry cleaning and wet cleaning equipment is computer controlled for maximum efficiency and has helped reduce dry cleaning fluid consumption by 90% as well as water consumption by 50%.

Our team receives continuous training to meet Mt. Hood Cleaners’ rigorous cleaning performance standards.

We recycle our dry cleaning fluid waste.

Wire hangers: We offer free hanger caddies to make it easy.

 Mt. Hood Cleaners recycles plastic and cardboard.