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“Just say yes, and we will figure it out later.”
– Ken Paluck

Mt. Hood Dry Cleaners

Michael Paluck had a vision for himself and his family. He worked until that dream became a reality. In 1941, he opened the original Mt. Hood Cleaners off Pioneer Boulevard (the current home of Joe’s Donuts).

MHC began as a dry store where customers would drop and pick up their clothing in Sandy, and Michael would take the items to Portland for cleaning. The store later transformed into a complete dry-cleaners until the company outgrew the location off Pioneer Boulevard and moved to its current home off Proctor Boulevard.

Today, Mt. Hood Cleaners is still owned by the Paluck family and processes several types of dry cleaning, wet cleaning, laundry, and household items every day.

Mt. Hood Linen Services

About 20 years after opening the original dry cleaners, Mike and Margaret Paluck opened Mt. Hood Linen as a division of Mt. Hood Cleaners. They began by cleaning commercial accounts for the local restaurants and car dealerships and eventually started servicing the local high schools and auto shops as well.

A few years went by and Mike and Margaret realized the industrial launders were better fit to clean NOG (Not Our Goods) items, and they began to clean COG (Customer Owned Goods) items.

Over 50 years later, and Mt. Hood Linen still specializes in the care of COG items. Our services spread throughout Sandy, Mount Hood, Colton, Oregon City, and the Portland Metro Area.

Mt. Hood Window Coverings

One day around 1975, Ken Paluck (oldest child of Mike and Margaret) was at a customer’s when a lady asked if he cleaned drapes. Mt. Hood Cleaners had cleaned drapes in the past, so Ken told her yes. Then she asked if he could reinstall the drapes—Ken had never done it before—but again, he said yes.

After completing his work, the lady handed Ken a check and asked if he would clean and install more drapes. He saw the amount on the check totaled for more than each shirt cleaning on his route truck combined. He immediately replied yes, and Mt. Hood Window Coverings was born.

Today, Mt. Hood Window Coverings services most of Oregon and Washington. We have multiple employees that have been with us for over 30 years and continue to uphold the values Ken established. We have developed into two divisions, Tenant Improvement (T.I.) and Multi-Family, in hopes to better serve you—our customer.

Mt. Hood Fire Restoration (CRDN)

Mt. Hood Cleaners started doing fire restoration services around 1983. In 2001, Brad Paluck (youngest child of Mike and Margaret) joined the CRDN franchise.

CRDN (Certified Restoration Dry-Cleaning Network) is a nationwide network that specializes in textile and electronic restoration. However, our favorite part of the job is helping restore people’s lives.

When disaster emerges (such as fires, floods, mold, etc.), our team members come onto a location, collect textile and electronic items, and bring them to our warehouse. We restore each item to the best of our ability then return the items back to the area we collected them from.

Our franchise gladly services Oregon, Eastern and Central Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Mt. Hood Corporation

The Paluck family is still committed to providing top-notch service by continually training their staff in the latest techniques in dry cleaning, restoration, laundering and more.

The Mt. Hood Cleaners, Linen, and Window Coverings family has been delivering exceptional service to the communities they reach for over 60 years and will continue to focus on this for years to come. We believe in outstanding quality and premier customer service and strive every day to meet those two expectations.

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